Tenacious riders, excitingly unpredictable racing and a wealth of fascinating stories from behind the scenes; this and so much more is what makes women’s cycling an appealingly addictive sport.

At times, though, it can be a challenging one to follow, with its patchy live coverage and tendency for the in-depth reporting and analysis that is available to be swamped by the much more regularly written about men’s racing.

That’s why at The Women’s Race the aim is to make finding out what’s happening in women’s cycling easier, providing a regular roadmap that will shine a spotlight on women’s racing and draw attention to the great coverage that is out there. 

So exactly how do we plan to do this?

Our monthly what’s on in women’s racing article will provide a bite sized wrap up of what’s happened and then look to what is ahead. It will highlight the not to be missed women’s road and cyclocross races, the riders to watch and how to find that sometimes illusive coverage. We’ll also include links to some of our favourite women’s cycling articles, podcasts and videos of the past month so you can catch up on anything you’ve missed or maybe even find some great new sources of women’s cycling coverage to add to your regular media cruise.

In time there will also be an ever growing library of guides to make following women’s racing easier for existing fans and to help demystify the sport for new ones. 

Ultimately, what you will find at The Women’s Race is an evolving site, fuelled by passion and a desire to see more people watching, following and becoming enthralled by women’s cycling.

If you want to join us on this journey, you can follow The Women’s Race on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram and you’ll find our what’s on guide posted on the site by the first day of every month.