In my years of covering professional women’s cycling, one thing I’ve heard constantly from fans, riders and the industry alike is that the sport needs more coverage and that coverage needs to be easier to find. I’ve worked on the first part — initially as an editor at a women’s cycling site and currently as a freelance writer — but its time to do something about the second part as well.

That’s where The Women’s Race comes in.

At the start of every month you’ll find a what’s on guide to the top road and cyclocross races. The Women’s Race monthly guide will fill cycling fans in on what to watch, who to look out for and how to find that illusive coverage.

There will also be periodic guide articles that help give followers the information they need to keep a track of the ins and outs of the sport.

The Women’s Race is simply a roadmap cycling fans can use to make navigating the world of women’s racing easy.

It is a journey too good to miss.

Simone Giuliani
The Women’s Race

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